Gulfstream Sports was launched because we understand that athletes face a unique set of business demands and financial considerations. A career in sports can either be a springboard for continued successes in business and life, or it can leave an athlete behind his or her peers. A career in sports can open up countless investment opportunities, which, if managed and selected efficiently, can set a player’s family up for generations. We want to work with all of our athletic clientele to plan and build for future success, helping athletes make the right choices now, to be prepared for what’s next. We want to empower our athlete clients to have full license (the green light) to chase their dreams, with the security of knowing they and their families are taken care of.

Using our wide industry connections, we have created a proprietary platform for athletes that includes not only business management and investment services but also assistance through the process of retirement as a loyal, trusted and independent voice. Athletes are constantly getting pitched from many different angles. Whether its helping to fund “the no fail” start-up or buying high priced insurance policies, most athletes do not have the time to divert from their career to adequately investigate these opportunities.

At Gulfstream Sports, we do not sell anything. We have no incentives other than the best interest of the athlete, as we are founded and managed by athletes. We work strictly on a fee basis, working directly for our athlete clients to find the most efficient way to manage their lives.

Our services include:

Business Management Services for Athletes

  • Screening and Due Diligence on Private Investment Opportunities
  • Planning and Retirement Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Family Office Services (tax preparation, bill payment, and budget management)
  • Education Planning/Funding Advisory
  • Insurance and Annuity Consulting and Advisory

 Transition Management Services for Athletes

  • Non-Profit/Foundation Advisory Services
  • Speaking and Appearance Advisory/Networking
  • Multigenerational and Estate Planning

Please contact to learn more about these services and request information about our network of partners to serve our athlete clients.

Gulfstream Sports currently advises athletes in MLB, NBA and Olympic Sports.